Globalisation is the key word describing the economic developments of the last decades. Not only goods and services move around the world, but people do as well.

If you are resident in the Netherlands you have to comply with Dutch laws.

One of your obligations is to pay taxes – not having Dutch nationality doesn’t mean you are exempt.

Tax laws that may apply to you are Income tax, VAT, Corporation tax, Wages tax.

In addition, you are legally obliged to take out at least basic health insurance for you and your family. On the other hand, depending on your personal circumstances, you may qualify for benefits such as health care, rent or child care.

If you can deal with these matters yourself – perfect! If not, R&S Consult can advise you.

R&S Consult is the independent consultancy firm of Laurens N.J. de Jonge, with over 25 years of experience on tax, auditing and business management.

On matters for which R&S Consult doesn’t have the expertise there are other consultants within the R&S network who can look after your interests.

A short summary of education and working experience:

    • Master in business economics (Tilburg University)
    • Post-graduate qualification course on management control (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
    • Tax and Audit Course for the Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst)
    • Tax auditor for the Dutch tax authorities
    • Senior staff member Planning & Control at the Department of Infrastructure of Dutch Railways (NS, now: ProRail)
    • Senior consultant business management at the NS Health and Safety Department
    • Controller at the NS Business Unit of Security Services

Personal style can be described as independent, creative, comprehensive approach, integrity, loyal, critical, informal, confrontational, analytical, strategic, sparring partner, open-minded, humour, no quick fixes with a limited shelf life. Besides maintaining a high level set of skills a walk in nature is sometimes just as important – hence the photos.


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